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Buddhist Event’s for Gay Men weekly events for gay men led by Danapriya

Talks, discussion, meditation and retreats. Please message for time, information, Zoom ID and to be added to the mailing list. or use the contact page.

This Saturday 20th November at 0930 to 1100 we will explore the Buddha’s Second Sight. There is so much more to this than first meets the eye. So do come to enhance your life and practice. 
We will meditate, I will give a talk, then breakout groups and Q & A/comments.

The following weeks event will be on Friday 26th November at 1900 to 2030. The theme is ‘Coming Out Stories’, we will have three talks from Sean, Stephen and Paul.

Start the week meditation every Monday at 0730 to 0810, then a check for those who wish to stay on..

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