Next Meditation Course

Due to Covid19 I am running weekly online classes, instead of courses. Please see the Online-Events page.
To find out about my next Positive Thinking and Meditation Course please send a message via the contact page.
Please see free meditation downloads led by Danapriya below.
Client comment about Danapriya 
“Having met Danapriya via a meditation class he was running, I felt drawn to his warmth and kindness which consequently inspired me to contact him to do some life coaching sessions.
In my experience, I believe that in whichever capacity Danapriya works with you and whatever you are hoping to achieve, the experience of having his  guidance and support can be only a positive and fulfilling one.”

Meditation is so important for living a healthy and content life, no matter what you believe in. The key benefits are that you get to know yourself, your mind, your emotions, then when you know what’s going on you can make wiser choices for you and the people you love.

Another benefit is that being more aware and mindful in every moment life becomes richer: you notice smiles, blossom and when things get tricky you are aware that you have a choice to make it better or worse depending on how you respond to the situation. It’s a total win win way of living life.

I also teach meditation one to one or to small groups, this can be in person or via Skype or FaceTime.  Just drop me a line for details.

I have included in this page four meditation downloads for you.

A practice of the Mindfulness Of Breathing – Which helps develop calm, awareness and getting to know ones mind. This helps to reduce anxiety, stress and helps you sleep more deeply.

Mindfulness download

A practice of the Cultivation of Loving Kindness – Which helps expand the warmer and positive aspects of our emotions to ourselves, friends and all other sentient beings that are alive and help us to live our amazing lives.

Cultivation of Loving Kindness download

A practice of the Yoga Nedra – Which is lying down relaxation to really let go of bodily tensions. Great at the end of the day. Enjoy!

Yoga Nedra download

A practice of Arriving Meditation – This helps set you up for another meditation practice or on those busy days, can be a meditation in itself.  It will help Mindfulness, loving kindness and generally calm.

Arriving Meditation download

If you have any questions do get in touch via the contact page.